devex – How the UN is attracting and retaining millennials

“Jobseekers today are looking to work for an employer that aligns with their values and vision. In a recent Devex survey, 60 percent of jobseekers said it was important to find a work culture that fits their preferred working style. The same survey showed that an employer’s “mission, culture, and values” was the second most important thing for a candidate to know before applying to a job. Having a strong employer brand is therefore important in competing for talent and this is something that continues to attract applicants to the U.N.”

“The organization is also deliberate in who it hires, explains Huckerby, and the brand — which promotes the organization as a place where you can have a real impact — helps attract “like-minded people who want to contribute and make a difference,” she adds. Huckerby believes that young people, millennials in particular, are looking for purpose in their work and want to be able to contribute to society. “They also want to work for an organization which has values that aligns with theirs,” she adds. “That’s great, and we have absolutely those.”

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