After Oxfam’s Sex Scandal: Shocking Revelations, A Scramble For Solutions

The Oxfam sex scandal was not a one-time news story.

The report on sexual misconduct by Oxfam workers in Haiti in 2011 made headlines last month. Since then, a number of other aid groups have come clean about similar problems — and revealed cases that victimized staffers as well.

This past week, U2 frontman Bono said he was „furious“ over allegations against his ONE advocacy group — including an accusation that a female employee was demoted after refusing to have sex with a Tanzanian member of parliament.

Meanwhile, the aid world is scrambling to put solutions in place.
Read here about the latest developments.

U.N. staff in Geneva set to strike in protest at pay cut

GENEVA (Reuters) – United Nations staff in Geneva have called a strike for Friday after winning backing from 90 percent of more than 1,000 employees who cast ballots, the staff council said.
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Oxfam appoints former UN official to head independent commission on sexual abuse and exploitation

Charity announces new whistleblowing hotline and reference system to ensure staff guilty of misconduct cannot find work elsewhere in aid sector

Oxfam has appointed a former United Nations official to head an independent commission on sexual abuse and exploitation in the wake of a scandal over misconduct by its staff.

Zainab Bangura, a former under-secretary general of the UN and representative on sexual violence in conflict, will co-chair the body alongside former World Bank vice-president Katherine Sierra

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Making This One Change to How I Wrote Job Descriptions Made Me a Better Recruiter

Before I became a recruiter, I worked in several different industries. I was a guidance and control system engineer, financial analysist, manager of capital budgeting, director of business planning, director of logistics, VP Operations and business unit general manager. So, when I started as a recruiter and began recruiting for these roles, I had no need for job descriptions since I knew what the jobs I was filling were pretty much all about.

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Diversity Sourcing Strategy: 3 LinkedIn Search Tips from Boolean Master Glen Cathey

Even though diverse talent pools exist, recruiters still struggle to identify them in scalable ways. Posting openings on diversity job boards and in diversity groups and communities can help, but this approach doesn’t afford you with a proactive way to reach out to the 85%+ of the diverse talent that exists and either isn’t actively looking to make a change or simply isn’t using the diverse job boards you’re posting to.

To help with a more proactive approach to diversity and inclusion we turned to the Boolean black belt himself—the talent data whisperer, Glen Cathey.

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