Consulting for one of global development’s top bilateral or multilateral donor agencies is a career goal for many professionals.

But these organizations have very specific – and competitive – requirements for hiring, often making it difficult to even know where to begin.

Over the next few weeks, our team at Devex will be sitting down with experts from EuropeAid, the World Bank and USAID, to get the inside scoop on consulting for some of the biggest names in the aid industry. During this three-part, Career Account-exclusive, webinar series we’ll also explore how you can find, apply for and win consultancy projects with these organizations.

  1. Your guide to consulting with Europeaid     June 19, 13:00
  2. Your guide to consulting with World Bank  June 26, 18:00
  3. Your guide to consulting with USAID,            July 17, 18:00

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Gender pay gap could cost world $160 trillion: World Bank

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Gender inequality in the workplace could cost $160 trillion in lost earnings globally, a World Bank study showed on Wednesday, as pressure to address the pay gap grows.

That represents the difference between the combined lifetime income of everyone of working age in the world today – known as human capital wealth – and what it would be if women earned as much as men.

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The future of jobs in international development — and who’ll be filling them

Localization is a growing trend in the global development sector. International organizations, NGOs, and donors are all looking to decentralize operations to local organizations and communities — Harnessing their knowledge on what’s most needed and employing people locally to implement it.

“There will be jobs in raising that money; administering that money; [and] reporting on that money”

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Strong labour relations key to reducing inequality and meeting challenges of a changing world of work – OECD & ILO

Globalisation and rapid technological innovation have spurred unprecedented economic growth but not everyone has benefited. Unions and employers, together with governments, can play a major role in making growth more inclusive and helping workers and businesses face the challenges of a changing world of work. Good labor relations are a way to reduce inequalities in jobs and wages and better share prosperity, according to a new OECD-ILO report.

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Mutations du travail: Quel futur pour les pratiques d’intervention et de formation d’adultes ?

Le monde du travail, terrain d’action des formateurs et formatrices d’adultes, est en pleine mutation. Le phénomène n’est pas neuf, mais il emprunte aujourd’hui d’autres voies, plus rapides, plus radicales, plus contrastées. Ces mutations profondes, que nous résumerons en cinq axes, incitent les professionnel.le.s à explorer des pratiques innovantes, émergentes et multiples d’intervention et de formation en contexte de travail. Elles interpellent les chercheur.e.s du RIFT qui souhaitent les analyser et les questionner de plus près, en y consacrant le prochain cycle de conférences du laboratoire.

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Hiring Trends 2018

Global development has become a highly competitive arena for both job seekers and recruiters in their quest to find the right fit.

Drawing on responses to a survey sent to 100+ global development recruiters, Devex explores hiring trend predictions for 2018 — including what specific skills and experiences recruiters desire most in candidates.

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Opinion: It’s time we walk the talk on gender equality. Here’s how.

Women’s equality and empowerment is a driver of economic growth and development around the world, and development organizations routinely include and espouse this goal as part of their missions and activities. But if you peel back the curtain, there are serious questions about whether — behind the scenes — development organizations are living up to these values in the workplace.

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United Nations has reached Gender Parity in the Top Leadership

For the first time in UN’s 77-year-old history, half of the members of the Senior Management Group are now women leaders. Is this a proof that Secretary General’s strategy on Gender Parity is starting to pay off?

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