After Oxfam’s Sex Scandal: Shocking Revelations, A Scramble For Solutions

The Oxfam sex scandal was not a one-time news story.

The report on sexual misconduct by Oxfam workers in Haiti in 2011 made headlines last month. Since then, a number of other aid groups have come clean about similar problems — and revealed cases that victimized staffers as well.

This past week, U2 frontman Bono said he was „furious“ over allegations against his ONE advocacy group — including an accusation that a female employee was demoted after refusing to have sex with a Tanzanian member of parliament.

Meanwhile, the aid world is scrambling to put solutions in place.
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NZZ – Menschlichkeit, kurzfristig, langfristig: die Flüchtlingskonvention der Gegenwart anpassen

In einer neuen Flüchtlingskonvention würden Kriegsvertriebene und Verfolgte in sicheren Zonen und Auffanglagern benachbarter Länder untergebracht. Die Staatengemeinschaft müsste die Kosten dafür tragen.

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Switzerland and ILO sign new agreement on peace and development through employment

GENEVA – At a time of strong national and international focus on preventing conflict, building resilience and sustaining peace, the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs  and the International Labour Organization (ILO) have signed a new agreement to create employment opportunities in countries affected by conflict and fragility.

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Wie objektiv sind internationale Institutionen?

Internationale Organisationen wie die Weltbank und der IWF veröffentlichen regelmäßig einflussreiche ökonomische Bewertungen ihrer Mitgliedsländer, die auf neutralen und objektiven Kriterien beruhen. Doch wie objektiv und neutral sind diese Bewertungen? Dieser Beitrag zeigt anhand der Schuldentragfähigkeitsanalysen des IWF, dass der Ermessensspielraum der Organisationen relativ groß ist und es teilweise zu politischer Einflussnahme kommt: Länder, die den USA nahe stehen, erhalten öfters bessere Ratings.
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Is a randomized controlled trial right for your NGO?

SAN FRANCISCO — Last week, Village Enterprise released the results of its randomized controlled trial, which found that its holistic entrepreneurship program — which involved training and mentorship as well as funding — had a greater impact on extreme poverty reduction than cash transfers alone.

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Ofir Reich on using data science to end poverty and the spurious action/inaction distinction

Ofir Reich spent 6 years doing math in the military, before spending another 2 in tech startups – but then made a sharp turn to become a data scientist focussed on helping the global poor.

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Never has it been more important to apply the Core Humanitarian Standard

In the last few days news reports of sexual exploitation and abuse by humanitarian aid workers in Haiti have shocked our sector. These reported cases show just how vital it is to apply existing standards and use all available tools.

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Schweizer Knowhow und Innovationen im Dienst der internationalen Zusammenarbeit

Bern, 13.02.2018 – An ihrer Jahresmedienkonferenz präsentierte die DEZA ihre Schwerpunkte für das Jahr 2018 und unterstrich die Bedeutung von Innovationen in der Zusammenarbeit. Manuel Sager, der Leiter der Schweizer Zusammenarbeit, legte dar, wie die DEZA bei ihren Entwicklungsprojekten auf Schweizer Knowhow setzt. Fachleute führten das Thema weiter aus.

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7 issues that will shape the humanitarian agenda in 2018

Syria enters its seventh year of fighting in 2018. Hunger and disease will affect millions of people in Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen. Around the world, people will flee conflict only to become trapped in misery, as seen in Libya. People will suffer from immediate and long-term effects of conflict and violence, as I witnessed in Central African Republic earlier this month.

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