Diversity Sourcing Strategy: 3 LinkedIn Search Tips from Boolean Master Glen Cathey

Even though diverse talent pools exist, recruiters still struggle to identify them in scalable ways. Posting openings on diversity job boards and in diversity groups and communities can help, but this approach doesn’t afford you with a proactive way to reach out to the 85%+ of the diverse talent that exists and either isn’t actively looking to make a change or simply isn’t using the diverse job boards you’re posting to.

To help with a more proactive approach to diversity and inclusion we turned to the Boolean black belt himself—the talent data whisperer, Glen Cathey.

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Ich will! Frauen im Topmanagement

Chancengleichheit, Gleichstellung und Macht – wie sieht die Realität heute, zwei Jahre nach Etablierung der gesetzlichen Geschlechterquote, in den Führungsetagen aus? Die Filmemacherin Marita Neher hat sich auf Spurensuche durch Europa begeben. In eindringlichen Interviews beleuchtet ihre Dokumentation den Weg, den drei Top-Managerinnen aus DAX-Unternehmen eingeschlagen haben.

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In International Cooperation field, constant training is a MUST. To Improve continuously your knowledge, your methodology and approach to the new issues of contemporary era you dispose of different FREE and really professional platform. One of that is the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).

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Concerns over growing ranks of UN consultants

Four years after an internal report warned of unequal employment terms amongst the growing ranks of consultants hired at United Nations sites, we talk to staff and management at the organisation’s Swiss hub. And it’s not just the consultant hired for office jobs in Geneva who are enduring stressful conditions.

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Recruiting über persönliche Kontakte – Mitarbeiterempfehlungen

Haben Sie bereits daran gedacht, Ihre eigenen Mitarbeiter in Ihren Recruiting-Prozess zu involvieren? Wie dies geht und was es zu beachten gibt, haben wir im Rahmen unseres kostenlosen Whitepapers „Recruiting – Talent Acquisition und Talent Selection“ für Sie zusammengestellt. Zudem laden wir Sie zu unserem kostenlosen Webinar „5 Dinge, die kaum jemand über Mitarbeiter-Empfehlungen weiss“ein.

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Just Working Harder Won’t Get You Ahead. Working Smarter Will.

At an old job, I worked with a person I had been following for years and whose work I deeply admired. He’s not much older than I am, and we had worked in similar-ish jobs, but he just seemed so much better than I was at the time.

After a few months of working with him, it became obvious why that was: A crazy work ethic and drive, yes, but he had figured out what to do and how to react in situations that would’ve left me stumped. It seemed like he had a playbook for every scenario, and the next move was automatic.
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