Save the Children stops applying for government funding over sex scandal

Save the Children is to stop applying for government funding in the wake of the aid worker sex scandal. Chief executive Kevin Watkins said the charity has volunteered to withdraw temporarily from applying for new funding from the Department for International Development (DfID).

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Oxfam to lose 100 staff as funding falls

Oxfam is making 100 staff redundant in Britain after the sexual exploitation scandal in Haiti led to a huge drop in its income.

The charity was forced to curtail some international aid programmes after it agreed not to bid for new money from the Department for International Development (Dfid), which gave it about £30 million per year.

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Development workers behaving badly

Now that the waves of reactions and counter-reactions have subsided, I ask if it is possible to rethink the infamous ‘Oxfam incident’. To put it briefly, the charity’s high-level professionals have been reported to have indulged in partying with sex workers in earthquake-affected Haiti, where prostitution is legally prohibited. These officials were ‘on mission’ – to borrow a term widely used by development donors such as the World Bank for recipient country visits by their staff – so the news recently made global headlines, and Oxfam was heavily criticised and ostracised for its handling of the affair.

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