The Case Against Branding Development Aid in Fragile States

Branding—emblazing a donor’s flag or aid agency logo on everything from food aid to bridges—received renewed focus after the 2008 financial crisis and the era of austerity. In this case, it was intended to increase domestic support for aid. But even though significant resources have been poured into branding, its benefits are iffy at best and counterproductive at worst. Studies of its impact tend to pay little attention to how branding affects the relationship between recipient governments and their publics, but evidence shows that it can have corrosive systemic impacts.

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devex: From aid worker to social entrepreneur: 6 tips to make the leap

“I knew I wanted to work in a startup about a year before I started Solévolt,” Gitau said. “I had the dawning realization that people 10 years younger than me were entering the job market with skills that I just did not possess; I knew that if I didn’t skill-up, I risked being irrelevant in the 21st century economy.”
By Sophie Edwards 01 March 2017


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Secret Aid Worker: It’s ok not to love this job all the time

„There is seemingly no space for such skepticism in this lifestyle. And I think that needs to change. Let’s face it, there are some really great aspects of being an aid worker – I have met some amazing people, seen places in the world I otherwise would not have, and, yes, the work is fascinating and meaningful. But there are the bad days.“

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