devex: From aid worker to social entrepreneur: 6 tips to make the leap

“I knew I wanted to work in a startup about a year before I started Solévolt,” Gitau said. “I had the dawning realization that people 10 years younger than me were entering the job market with skills that I just did not possess; I knew that if I didn’t skill-up, I risked being irrelevant in the 21st century economy.”
By Sophie Edwards 01 March 2017


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Secret Aid Worker: It’s ok not to love this job all the time

„There is seemingly no space for such skepticism in this lifestyle. And I think that needs to change. Let’s face it, there are some really great aspects of being an aid worker – I have met some amazing people, seen places in the world I otherwise would not have, and, yes, the work is fascinating and meaningful. But there are the bad days.“

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