La coopération internationale est une réponse efficace au trafic de migrants

Berne, 20.06.2018 – Le Conseil fédéral a évalué dans un rapport les activités de la Suisse sur les plans politique, juridique et opérationnel dans la lutte contre le trafic de migrants. Le rapport conclut que la coopération internationale est une réponse efficace face à cette forme de criminalité en réseaux et transfrontalière. Le Conseil fédéral a ainsi donné suite dans sa séance du 20 juin 2018 au postulat du conseiller national Claude Béglé „Intensifier la lutte contre la criminalité des passeurs“.

Während die einen den SDG Bericht mit Blumen feiern, nennen ihn andere ignorant

Nachhaltigkeit ist Bundesrat magere 24 Seiten wert

Der Bundesrat hat den Länderbericht der Schweiz zuhanden der UNO über die Umsetzung der Agenda 2030 veröffentlicht. Den Input einer hochrangigen Begleitgruppe aus Zivilgesellschaft, Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft hat er weitgehend ignoriert.

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Uncertainty threatens to hamper investment in developing countries: new UN report

Financial uncertainty caused by “significant risks” to global trade, is responsible for a sharp fall in international investment flows which could hurt developing countries the most, according to a new UN report, released on Wednesday.

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6 tips for aspiring development professionals

Development is a competitive field, and landing your first job can be a challenging and frustrating process. It can even be hard to know where to begin. Devex spoke with Anne Clinton, careers consultant at London School of Economics and Political Science, to get her expert advice and insights on how to break into the sector.

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Nexus thinking in humanitarian policy: How does everything fit together on the ground?

Keynote Address by Dr Hugo Slim to the World Food Programme (WFP) Annual Partnership Consultations. Session on „The Triple Nexus of Humanitarian Action, Development and Peace: What is the Challenge for Humanitarian Principles, Operations and Partnerships?“.

Why the world’s poorest countries don’t always get the foreign aid they need

Foreign aid, or official development assistance, is controversial. The expectation is that it should benefit the most vulnerable countries but this is not always the case.

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Death of a survey


For many years, the survey has been a tool of both choice and necessity for development. This has been partially driven by the high cost and specialized technical expertise required for alternative forms of data collection and visualization. The result is that decision-making based on big data and sentiment analysis has often been the purview of senior officials at major organizations — a top-down phenomenon we sometimes refer to as “Data for Superman.”
Yet the dynamics are changing. (…)

The data drawn from news aggregation and sentiment analysis is free, publicly accessible, and can serve as a valuable resource for health workers, journalists, and peace builders in the field.

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