Is the last mile the longest? Economic gains from gender equality in the Nordic countries

The report shows that, over the past few decades, economic growth in the Nordic countries has benefited greatly from increases in women’s participation in the labour market. In Denmark, Iceland, Sweden and Norway increases in female employment account for around 0.25 – 0.40 percentage points of average annual GDP per capita growth over the past 40-50 years  – equivalent to 10-20% of the total GDP per capita growth rate. Converting to cash-equivalent amounts this implies current GDP per capita in the Nordic countries might have been between USD 1500 (Finland) and USD 9000 (Sweden) smaller had female employment remained at levels seen in the mid 1960s or early 1970s.

But there is still a last mile to go: addressing gender stereotypes at large, deconstructing gender norms.. etc.

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Gender pay gap could cost world $160 trillion: World Bank

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Gender inequality in the workplace could cost $160 trillion in lost earnings globally, a World Bank study showed on Wednesday, as pressure to address the pay gap grows.

That represents the difference between the combined lifetime income of everyone of working age in the world today – known as human capital wealth – and what it would be if women earned as much as men.

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Ich will! Frauen im Topmanagement

Chancengleichheit, Gleichstellung und Macht – wie sieht die Realität heute, zwei Jahre nach Etablierung der gesetzlichen Geschlechterquote, in den Führungsetagen aus? Die Filmemacherin Marita Neher hat sich auf Spurensuche durch Europa begeben. In eindringlichen Interviews beleuchtet ihre Dokumentation den Weg, den drei Top-Managerinnen aus DAX-Unternehmen eingeschlagen haben.

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Opinion: It’s time we walk the talk on gender equality. Here’s how.

Women’s equality and empowerment is a driver of economic growth and development around the world, and development organizations routinely include and espouse this goal as part of their missions and activities. But if you peel back the curtain, there are serious questions about whether — behind the scenes — development organizations are living up to these values in the workplace.

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Opinion: The development industry has a sexual harassment problem. Here’s how to combat it.

The following story was shared anonymously by a woman development worker who was forced to leave a prestigious junior professionals program prematurely due to unwanted sexual harassment from her superior.

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