ICRC: Study shows more the conflicts, greater the danger for people

Not only are there more conflicts, but there are more sides in a conflict. More armed groups have emerged in the last six years than in the previous 60.

The consequence: increased danger for civilians and a greater challenge for humanitarians. But is there a solution?
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UN chief urges governments to shield more civilians from violence in conflict

With more than 128 million people worldwide requiring immediate humanitarian aid, mostly due to war and violence, the United Nations Secretary-General has urged the international community to do more to protect civilians caught in conflict.

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Nexus thinking in humanitarian policy: How does everything fit together on the ground?

Keynote Address by Dr Hugo Slim to the World Food Programme (WFP) Annual Partnership Consultations. Session on „The Triple Nexus of Humanitarian Action, Development and Peace: What is the Challenge for Humanitarian Principles, Operations and Partnerships?“.

LinkedIn – The Digital Transformation of the Humanitarian Sector

No industry – no part of life – is immune to being disrupted by technology. And that includes conflict and humanitarian relief.

Among others, technological change brings an under-appreciated risk for humanitarian agencies: becoming the victim of concerned misinformation campaigns using new and social media platforms.

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devex: From aid worker to social entrepreneur: 6 tips to make the leap

“I knew I wanted to work in a startup about a year before I started Solévolt,” Gitau said. “I had the dawning realization that people 10 years younger than me were entering the job market with skills that I just did not possess; I knew that if I didn’t skill-up, I risked being irrelevant in the 21st century economy.”
By Sophie Edwards 01 March 2017


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