Q&A: Oxfam’s Byanyima on why the G7 should have feminist international policies

Canada convened a Gender Advisory Council as part of its G-7 presidency to help focus the bloc’s agenda on women and girls, and provide recommendations to seven of the world’s strongest economies on integrating gender equality into their economic and development policy.

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Oxfam to lose 100 staff as funding falls

Oxfam is making 100 staff redundant in Britain after the sexual exploitation scandal in Haiti led to a huge drop in its income.

The charity was forced to curtail some international aid programmes after it agreed not to bid for new money from the Department for International Development (Dfid), which gave it about £30 million per year.

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How an uproar over aid and sexual exploitation ignored women’s actual experiences

The recent “Oxfam sex scandal” – during which some aid workers were accused of paying for sex with young women in vulnerable conditions – has focused almost exclusively on the aid workers and aid organisations involved. But the perspectives and motivations of the young women who were paid for sex with money or material goods have hardly been discussed at all, and the contexts in which they live have been misrepresented and misunderstood.

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After Oxfam’s Sex Scandal: Shocking Revelations, A Scramble For Solutions

The Oxfam sex scandal was not a one-time news story.

The report on sexual misconduct by Oxfam workers in Haiti in 2011 made headlines last month. Since then, a number of other aid groups have come clean about similar problems — and revealed cases that victimized staffers as well.

This past week, U2 frontman Bono said he was „furious“ over allegations against his ONE advocacy group — including an accusation that a female employee was demoted after refusing to have sex with a Tanzanian member of parliament.

Meanwhile, the aid world is scrambling to put solutions in place.
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Nothilfe gegen Sex

UNO-Helfer sollen in Syrien Frauen missbraucht haben. Das ist ein weiterer Sex-Skandal von Hilfswerken. Eine Übersicht.

Das Problem ist seit Jahren bekannt, geändert hat sich offensichtlich nichts. Sexuelle Ausbeutung von Mädchen und Frauen, begangen von humanitären Helfern, sind im Syrien-Krieg an der Tagesordnung. In den Skandal verwickelt sind einheimische Helfer im Einsatz für UNO- und andere internationale Hilfsorganisation. Aus einem aktuellen Bericht des UNO-Bevölkerungsfonds (UNFPA) «Voices from Syria 2018» geht hervor, dass Helfer Lebensmittel und Hilfsgüter gegen sexuelle Gefälligkeiten verteilen.

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