Opinion: Local women leading humanitarian action — the untold story

The stories we hear most frequently are stories about women’s needs, but what about women as agents of change? Stories of local women first responders, humanitarian aid workers, and water specialists are rarely told.

How can we change this?

  1. Put women at the helm in times of disaster.
  2. Lead locally.
  3.  Provide training and resources.

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Ich will! Frauen im Topmanagement

Chancengleichheit, Gleichstellung und Macht – wie sieht die Realität heute, zwei Jahre nach Etablierung der gesetzlichen Geschlechterquote, in den Führungsetagen aus? Die Filmemacherin Marita Neher hat sich auf Spurensuche durch Europa begeben. In eindringlichen Interviews beleuchtet ihre Dokumentation den Weg, den drei Top-Managerinnen aus DAX-Unternehmen eingeschlagen haben.

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The Oxfam scandal does not justify demonising the entire aid sector

The #MeToo movement has been sparking change across the world. Now the humanitarian community has become the latest sector forced to recognise it has a serious problem that has been neglected for too long.

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Opinion: The development industry has a sexual harassment problem. Here’s how to combat it.

The following story was shared anonymously by a woman development worker who was forced to leave a prestigious junior professionals program prematurely due to unwanted sexual harassment from her superior.

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